Jul 12, 2015

So what are On Demand Solutions bringing to the crowded B2C market?..

Our experience from working on B2B projects is that exactly the same efficiency improvements can be applied to the B2C market, and now ODSNet launches multi-channel e-commerce.
Clients very often want to integrate both trade sales and consumer sales into their e-commerce strategy, and be able to co-ordinate both. We are finding a world of standalone B2C websites installed, with very high administration and maintenance cost. The majority of these projects were initially driven as a digital marketing initiative. Marketing is important but unfortunately the lack of participation from operations, logistics, and sometimes a lack of understanding of the improvements that are possible to achieve with a fully integrated solution, have created sites that are at best only manually connected with the rest of the business.

But we are already very efficient? ..

We can see clear efficiency savings. This really is a win:win situation – ODSNet clients can increase their sales and reduce their costs of sale; their customers get a great experience and convenience. A recent client revealed they had 2 fulltime staff manually maintaining the stock availability flag on their previous ecommerce system. Implementing a fully integrated ecommerce solution from On Demand Solutions will result in a direct saving of about £40k per year.

And what about Social media, SEO, CRO, PPC? .. 

Marketing will continue to be an important factor for B2C projects, but as the internet sales is becoming the main sales channel, we see the next step is to focus on business automation. Efficiency improvements will become more important. We can see that our offering; a one-stop-shop, great support and fully integrated solution, is attractive. By being able to also offer B2C we are able to offer an ecommerce platform that satisfies both the digital marketing requirements and at the same time is designed to enable integration, business automation and business efficiency. This enables the small and medium size companies to compete with the big companies.

In short, what does On Demand Solutions B2C ecommerce offer us?..

A nice looking website focused on digital marketing is not enough to be competitive. B2C ecommerce from On Demand Solutions is a multi-channel, user-friendly, feature rich ecommerce platform that enables growth with a higher profit margin. That will make your business competitive.

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